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Building A Dream is an innovative and engaging team building program meant to challenge and inspire your team. We hope you enjoy your time here! Join us in Cambodia for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure where teams will collaborate to tackle a variety of exciting and physically demanding puzzles and tasks. Teams will be able to get useful tools and bicycle parts for their squad if they are able to successfully complete these objectives.

After the teams have amassed sufficient resources, the final task will be for them to devise a method of assembly that is both effective and efficient. Within a certain amount of time, the teams will collaborate in order to build a wide selection of high-quality bicycles. To achieve the highest possible level of quality, stringent quality standards will be enforced, and official inspections for quality control will be carried out.

As the deadline for the competition draws closer, the teams will proudly wheel their finished products to a line that has been marked as the “start” line. After that, they will have the chance to exhibit their items to the other teams, who will act as their prospective clients, and provide a little commercial about what they have to offer.

BuildingADreamTeam TeamBuilding Cambodia
BuildingADreamTeam TeamBuilding Cambodia

Outcomes of Learning:

development A Dream is a remarkable event for team development that goes much beyond simple competition. Teams will have a better understanding of the value of working together effectively thanks to this training. They will realize the strength that comes from sharing resources, best practices, equipment, and experience with one another. Teams will build a strong feeling of unity and purpose if they cultivate a common objective of increasing bicycle production to its maximum potential with the resources that are already available.

Results of Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts
At Building A Dream, we are strong believers in the importance of giving back to the community. The finished bicycles will be given as a donation to a children’s home that has been carefully selected as part of our program. This act of giving will bring delight to the receivers, and the makers will feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction from it. Your team will not only strengthen its bonds with one another and develop as individuals if they take part in this program for team building, but they will also make a contribution to a worthwhile cause.

Join us in Cambodia for development A Dream, an event where team development and social responsibility collide, and together we can make a good effect while also creating experiences that will last a lifetime.

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