ChainReactionRemote TeamBuilding Cambodia

Welcome to Chain Reaction Remote, a unique team development program that brings remote teams together to unleash their creativity and problem-solving talents. In this fun virtual event, participants will work together to build a Rube Goldberg machine. Our program will motivate and unite your team.

Pre-reading materials and a list of things to bring from home will be provided to participants. On the day of the event, everyone will see an inspiring training film to spark their creativity using an internet conferencing service. The team will next discuss how to use each thing in the machine once each person presents their stuff. They’ll make basic machines and plan together.

Participants will test and improve their machines, discussing and cooperating with other team members to find unique solutions. After the contraptions are finished, join them digitally to add additional fun and creativity to the chain reaction. The crew will anxiously start the first machine, starting an exciting sequence that will activate the last machine!

ChainReactionRemote TeamBuilding Cambodia
ChainReactionRemote TeamBuilding Cambodia

Educational Results:

Chain Reaction – Remote is intended to engage and unify remote teams while promoting critical skills and results. Participants will use their creativity, inventiveness, and resourcefulness to build a device that will amaze everyone. The program’s gamification emphasizes preparation and idea creation above action. Participants must work together online to link the contraptions, breaking down silos and encouraging collaboration. The end outcome will cement team relationships with an enjoyable and shared experience.

Chain Reaction Remote offers amazing team development in Cambodia. Contact us immediately to start arranging your event and unleash your remote team’s potential!

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