Blockbusters TeamBuilding Cambodia


In our Blockbusters team-building program, we’ll give each group a tablet, a set of props, and a written guide that explains how to make a trailer. The tablet has a digital template with set parts like a music and spaces for media that the teams need to shoot or find. There are also blank names that need to be scripted. This makes sure that the end movie is of the best possible quality and looks like it was made by a professional.

The task for each team is to make their trailer current, and they will soon learn that it takes careful planning, expert execution, and unwavering self-belief! To make things even more interesting, each team is given a different theme. This makes sure that there will be a wide range of different and creative clips shown at the end of the event.

Blockbusters TeamBuilding Cambodia
Blockbusters TeamBuilding Cambodia

Outcomes of learning:

Blockbusters gives people the chance to turn the business messages of their companies into exciting and attention-getting movie trailers. This activity helps teams get past the noise and get to the heart of the problem at hand. Just like in the real world of filmmaking, Blockbusters gives teams tight deadlines, high standards, and pressure to do great work.

Participants in this program learn that clarity and focus are important for creativity, which makes it easier to do hard things. For the different parts of the action, like the technical parts, writing, and playing, people with different skills and personalities are needed. Teams must handle their people well, which means sometimes giving jobs to people who don’t have obvious strengths in that area.

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