Animate TeamBuilding cambodia


Stop-motion animation? Moving an object in small increments and recording individual frames creates the appearance of movement when played in a continuous series. Animate, a fun team building event, uses stop motion technology.

Participants must create a unique digital stop motion animation sequence on a subject. Teams first create a “storyboard” for their animation in the Animate application. In the animation studio, teams digitally capture object movement in tiny stages. After finishing, teams may view their stop motion animation on screen, which can be satisfying and humorous.

Animate TeamBuilding cambodia
Animate TeamBuilding cambodia

Learning Results:

Animate team members are vital. Communication, planning, and cooperation are crucial in filmmaking. Animate makes company goals, product launches, and essential messaging enjoyable and thought-provoking.

Your team, project, or business may personalize the Animate theme. Each team’s creativity determines the tale and message. “Filmmaking has no rules,” said Frank Capra. Only sins. Dullness is the worst vice.” Animate encourages creative thinking, collaboration, and unrestricted idea sharing.

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