BeatBoxRox TeamBuilding Cambodia


BeatBox Rox is a thrilling team development program based on beatboxing. This Cambodian practice involves making drum beats, rhythm, and musical sounds using the mouth, lips, tongue, voice, nasal tube, and throat. The evening begins with a stunning vocal percussionist who captivates the audience.

Participants then join teams and become a human drum kit, adding their own voice effects to create a unique piece. Finally, all teams perform together with a looping back rhythm.

BeatBoxRox TeamBuilding Cambodia
BeatBoxRox TeamBuilding Cambodia

Educational Outcomes:

BeatBox Rox aims to excite, stimulate, and engage players from the start! This funny energizer is excellent for any conference, meeting, or workshop, adding energy and enthusiasm. It illustrates how a team may work together. Participants are motivated and ready for presentations after the high-energy, thrilling shared experience.

BeatBox Rox may be customized for various event lengths. For bigger groups, it might be a 30-minute icebreaker or a 45-minute session. BeatBox Rox guarantees an amazing experience that will encourage and inspire attendees.

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