The Big Picture Team Building - Cambodia


The Big Picture is an engaging team building program that seeks to engage prospective clients who are interested in arranging a team building program in Cambodia. The program’s name comes from its mission to “About The Big Picture.” This one-of-a-kind activity starts out by having participants organize themselves into small groups, after which they are each given a blank canvas, paintbrushes, and paint along with a schematic depicting their own personal canvas. The teams combine their efforts in order to successfully mix paints and come up with hues that would look great on their canvases. The teams rapidly come to the conclusion, as the activity proceeds, that in order to successfully complete the entire artwork, they will need to collaborate with other teams. After all of the work has been completed, the most exciting element of The Big Picture is the “grand reveal,” which is when the final artwork is shown to all of the participants for the very first time. This is followed by a debriefing session, which is met with passionate shouts and clapping.

The Big Picture Team Building - Cambodia
The Big Picture Team Building – Cambodia

The Results of Our Instruction

There are times when it is essential to take a step back and view the “big picture,” particularly when thinking about a business and how its personnel interact and communicate with one another inside the firm. The process of creating an artistic masterpiece of genuinely amazing dimensions serves as a vehicle for The Big Picture to emphasize the value of collaboration, cooperation, and open communication among group members. Prior to the start of the activity, our graphic designers will work with you to produce an artwork that is reflective of your objectives, priorities, purpose, and vision. The Big Picture gives a wonderful chance for any organization to celebrate a common vision and to develop inclusion among its workers. With its enormous size and magnificent unveiling, The Big Picture is awe-inspiring and breath-taking in equal measure.

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