Blockbusters Remote TeamBuilding Cambodia


BlockBusters Remote is an innovative team development program that blends creativity and teamwork to make intriguing movie trailers. This remote team building event will engage and motivate your participants regardless of your company’s business messaging, core values, or brand. Join us in Cambodia for a great team event.

Before forming teams of 3-5 persons, participants will get a Zoom briefing. Each team will come up with a captivating movie trailer plot. They’ll then develop a storyboard with 6-10 scenes and choose a music. Teams will take photos and submit them using their phones or tablets. Our talented editors will get the material in real time and turn it into an Oscar-worthy film.

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Blockbusters Remote TeamBuilding Cambodia
Blockbusters Remote TeamBuilding Cambodia

Learning Objectives:

BlockBusters Remote provides significant learning benefits. This training will show them that physical isolation doesn’t prevent cooperation and high-quality work. Each team must use strategic preparation, intelligent execution, and great cooperation to guarantee their storyboard matches the topic. Participants will challenge themselves via acting, screenplay writing, and filming. Each person will be held responsible for meeting timelines and quality requirements. As participants work with team members and event facilitators to edit their video to their liking, their communication skills will improve.

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