World Outside Your Window TeamBuilding Cambodia


We are delighted to have you join us here at World Outside Your Window, an engaging program for developing teams that is situated in Cambodia. Our activity, which is driven by technology, is intended to encourage and enthuse participants in the process of discovering their immediate surroundings. This program will bring your team closer together regardless of whether you choose to connect electronically or meet in person as you go on a one-of-a-kind trip.


The screen of the game depicts four various settings, each of which has its own unique challenges and objectives. Participants choose an area to work in on a daily basis and are responsible for completing three tasks inside that environment. In addition, there is a challenge known as “Random Act of Kindness,” in which participants are encouraged to show generosity toward one another by performing specific acts of kindness.

The Connections and the Points

Tokens are awarded to participants based on how successfully they complete the activities. These tokens can either be used by the player to increase their individual scores or shared with other members of the team in order to unlock additional tasks, which will result in an increase in the team’s overall score. This system’s collaborative character promotes teamwork and encourages members to assist and motivate one another throughout the duration of the program.

World Outside Your Window TeamBuilding Cambodia
World Outside Your Window TeamBuilding Cambodia

Implications for Learning:

The World That Is Outside Your Window goes beyond the scope of standard activities designed to create teams by challenging participants to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones and engage with the world around them in a novel and significant way. Members of a team can forge deeper connections with one another and a more profound feeling of unity by regularly discussing and debriefing their experiences, actively listening to and learning from those of their teammates, and thinking back on the experiences of others. Participants develop a heightened awareness of their immediate environment, become more present-minded, and acquire a deeper comprehension of the role that their participation plays in the achievement of a shared objective. Individual motivation and engagement surge as the team becomes closer, which drives everyone towards the common goal of becoming the team that wins.

Responsibility of Businesses to Their Communities

We at World Outside Your Window are firm believers in the potential for even the smallest of actions to have a profound influence on the world. Because of this, members are urged to undertake particular acts of kindness toward other people on a daily basis. Not only do these actions build a sense of personal accountability, but they also encourage a sense of corporate social responsibility. Your group will get an understanding of how the decisions they make as individuals can have a beneficial impact on society as a whole if they participate in this program.

Join us in Cambodia for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for team building that will bring your team closer together, encourage collaboration, and have a lasting impact on both the individuals involved and the community as a whole. Get ready to discover the world that lies beyond your home’s four walls and to embark on an exciting adventure of personal development and communal cohesion!

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