Bookworx TeamBuilding Cambodia


BookWorx is an engaging team-building program provided by Bookworx Cambodia in which teams engage in the distinctive activity of constructing and adorning bookshelves. This immersive experience is intended to encourage creativity, teamwork, and camaraderie among team members.

During the course of the program, teams engage in a session of idea generation and role assignment. The other half of the crew attends a decoupage workshop to learn the art of shelf decoration. The teams then bring their concepts to life by designing, constructing, and building their own bookcase.

Bookworx TeamBuilding  Cambodia
Bookworx TeamBuilding Cambodia

Results of Learning:

BookWorx seeks to raise awareness about the significance of educational resources and how tiny yet significant actions can make a difference in others’ lives. By engaging in this collective giving experience, participants not only improve their creativity and collaboration skills, but also cultivate a sense of social responsibility.

Business Social Responsibility Outcomes
In addition to constructing bookshelves, organizations have the opportunity to contribute to the local community by accumulating books. This ensures that the bookcases are completely supplied at the time of the donation and allows for ongoing support of education. Teams can positively impact the lives of those in need by nurturing long-lasting relationships and making a tangible difference.

Come to Cambodia and participate in BookWorx for a unique team building experience that incorporates creativity, collaboration, and corporate social responsibility. Join us in making a difference and constructing a better future through collaboration.

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