Creative Juices TeamBuilding Cambodia


We offer a fun team development program based on a worldwide smoothie firm at Creative Juices. In a dynamic simulation, participants will represent company divisions and tackle logistical issues like foreign deliveries and tight deadlines. Team cooperation, problem-solving, and strategic planning are improved by our program.

Descriptive Activity
The program gives each team a smoothie recipe. However, they must obtain ingredients from other teams. This requires teams to work together and trade resources to make delicious smoothies. Teams will create creative marketing campaigns after blending and tasting their smoothies.

Presentation for Marketing
The group will see teams’ marketing campaigns. Creativity, public speaking, and teamwork are promoted by this exercise. The teams must also handle difficult distribution issues and demonstrate how they can collaborate to lower their carbon footprint, in line with our sustainability goals.

Creative Juices TeamBuilding Cambodia
Creative Juices TeamBuilding Cambodia

Learning Outcomes

Creative Juices encourages teams to use strategic thinking and business management skills in a real-world supply chain scenario. During the game, players are encouraged to take risks, collaborate, and enhance their communication skills. By working toward a common goal and effectively managing the project, teams will learn the value of cross-functional cooperation and the risks of working in silos. Additionally, the program emphasizes the importance of effective network building and communication for collaborative achievement.

Join Creative Juices in Cambodia for an exciting team building experience. Participate in this interesting simulation and see your team grow as they solve logistical problems, create innovative marketing strategies, and work together. We’ll help you plan an event that inspires your staff and boosts their careers.

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