Breakthrought TeamBuilding Cambodia


The thrilling “Breakthrough” program for team development is available in Cambodia. Its primary objective is to push teams to achieve amazing achievements by having them compete in a variety of physically demanding activities. Evaluation, the establishment of goals, and the formation of consensus are all journeys that teams undertake, but they do so within constrained timeframes and with restricted access to certain resources. Each challenge is intended to extend the capabilities of the teams while also serving to keep them motivated by applauding their successes. Throughout the course of the program, teams are encouraged to evaluate their past performances and consider how they may apply what they’ve learned to future obstacles. At the end of the program, there is a final task that may be either competitive or collaborative, and in either case, every participant comes out on top!

Implications for Learning:

The video game Breakthrough is deliberately designed to improve players’ communication abilities and place an emphasis on a variety of aspects of collaboration. Quick understanding of the principles of team dynamics may be achieved by providing teams with problems that are both interesting and thought-provoking. Participants not only receive a greater awareness of how their interpersonal approaches might effect the performance of the team, but they also develop a respect for the various characteristics held by their colleagues. In addition, the Breakthrough program may be modified to include team profiling methods such as Belbin or Myers-Briggs, which enables more insights into both individual and group dynamics. The program is professionally presented in a structure that allows for adaptation to meet the location, the number of delegates, and special business challenges. This format allows for maximum adaptability.

Your team will go on a trip they will never forget, full of growth, cooperation, and groundbreaking accomplishments when they use Breakthrough. Join us in Cambodia for a genuinely life-changing adventure that will alter your team!

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