BridgingTheDivide TeamBuilding Cambodia


Participants in Bridging The Divide will work together to build a bridge, or at least a segment of a bridge, based on detailed specifications provided by the client. Their skills to work with restricted means, overcome language obstacles, and meet tight deadlines will be put to the test in this experiment. Teams will display their artistic abilities by designing, decorating, and branding their bridges to compete for prizes in categories like best engineering design, best branding, and best use of available resources.

The competition culminates with the placement of each team’s bridge as a section of the company’s overall bridge. In the grand finale, a remote-controlled car will be driven over the whole length of the widened bridge, adding an extra element of suspense.

BridgingTheDivide TeamBuilding Cambodia
BridgingTheDivide TeamBuilding Cambodia

Outcomes of Instruction:

Bridging Participants in The Divide take on the roles of both providers and consumers, making for a demanding and interesting team building event. The end objective is to encourage teamwork via an appreciation of the domino effects of good communication and a focus on continuous customer relationship management.

To succeed, teams need to make the most of their time and resources via strategic project management. This interactive and entertaining event provides potent analogies for the value of cross-departmental collaboration in realizing the organization’s mission.

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