Barkitecture TeamBuilding Cambodia


Teams may engage in an exciting team building exercise at Barkitecture by using the tool set and construction materials supplied to them. The goal is for each group to work together to create a one-of-a-kind dog home in the allotted amount of time. Teams compete in numerous tasks during the event to earn extra decorations, such as paint and patios, for their projects.

The finished dog homes are shown for the public. Some examples of award categories include “most creative dog house” and “most team spirit.” And after you’re done, you can give the dog homes to your local animal shelter or another organization that helps animals in need.

Barkitecture TeamBuilding Cambodia
Barkitecture TeamBuilding Cambodia

Goals of Study:

Teams taking part in Barkitecture are challenged to successfully design, decorate, plan, and build a dog house using just the materials and time allotted to them, all while adhering to a strict deadline. Participants are challenged to think creatively and work together more effectively as a result of this exercise. Inspiring people and encouraging more participation, Barkitecture is a unique and unforgettable team building event via a shared and memorable act of giving.

Results for Corporate Social Responsibility Your group’s dog homes may be auctioned off to raise money for an animal shelter, or they can be given to a local adoption center. You may improve your team’s team building experience while simultaneously making a beneficial influence in the community and showing corporate social responsibility by donating to a good cause.

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