Flat Out Sleigh Ride Team Building - Cambodia


Flat Out: Sleigh Ride is a fun program that will help you build your team in Cambodia. This holiday challenge mixes imagination and talking, giving your Christmas party or end-of-year event a new spin.

Teams will work together in Flat Out: Sleigh Ride to build their own Santa’s sleigh in a short amount of time. With plans and a “flat-pack” kit of materials, each team will show how creative and skilled they are by turning these parts into the best Christmas car. Teams will also put cute Christmas decorations on their sleighs to make them look more festive.

The most exciting part of the task is the final race, where teams dress up as Santa and his elves and drive their sleighs to the finish line. This exciting race tests how fast and well they can handle their horses and how fast they can change clothes at pit stops.

Flat Out Sleigh Ride Team Building - Cambodia
Flat Out Sleigh Ride Team Building – Cambodia

Outcomes of Learning

Flat Out Sleigh Ride is a fun way to test your ability to communicate, work with others, and be creative. By stressing the value of a shared vision and setting up sub-teams to work in parallel, this complicated project can be broken down in a way that keeps everyone on task and focused on finishing the sleigh. This program is not only a fun and interesting way for teams to get together at a Christmas party or end-of-year party, but it also helps team members learn skills that are important to their success.

When you go on this amazing team-building trip in Cambodia, let out your group spirit and enjoy the party atmosphere.

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