Global-Innovation-Game Team Building - Cambodia


Teambuilding in Cambodia with the Global Innovation Game: Let Creativity and Collaboration Flow

Set up: Each team will be given a deck of playing cards with a mix of Object, Tech, and Data cards to make sure that everyone gets the same number of each type.

Innovate: Each person of the team will choose one card of each color and use it to make a Smart Object, Service, or Tool.

Validate: Each team will pick the best idea from their table and check to see if it’s true. Then, they will make a two-minute pitch that they will give to everyone in the room.

Pitch: Each team will have a chance to talk about their ideas and show how creative and innovative they are.

Invest: With the help of our specialized manager, teams will be able to put game money into the idea they think has the most potential.

Global-Innovation-Game Team Building - Cambodia
Global-Innovation-Game Team Building – Cambodia

Outcomes of Learning

In Cambodia, you can take part in the Global Innovation Game, which encourages creativity and teamwork.

The goal of the Global Innovation Game is to give millennials a break from their daily tech gadgets and satisfy their desire to try new things.

The Global Innovation Game encourages teams to come up with ideas without using search engines, PowerPoints, or computers by focusing on the basics and encouraging open conversation. This fun and satisfying event encourages creativity and gives awards to those who are the most innovative. Join us in Cambodia for an amazing Global Innovation Game team-building event!

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