Beat the Box Rescue Santa TeamBuilding Cambodia


Beat the Box Rescue Santa is a festive-themed adaptation of our original Beat the Box team building program. It offers an exciting and entertaining experience for teams looking to celebrate the holiday season in Cambodia. This program integrates specifically created riddles and challenges to create a memorable team building experience.

Beat the Box Rescue Santa teams have a limited time to solve a code and stop the countdown. Just like the original Beat the Box, the teams are provided with locked aluminium boxes that contain essential tools and clues. The first task is to open these boxes and uncover the cases, which hold codes and mysteries that need to be unraveled. In the final case, participants will find letters that, when arranged correctly, reveal a predefined slogan. Cracking this code will stop the countdown and mark the successful completion of the game.

Beat the Box Rescue Santa TeamBuilding Cambodia
Beat the Box Rescue Santa TeamBuilding Cambodia

Learning Outcomes:

Rescue Santa, similar to Beat the Box, is a highly engaging and inclusive game that requires active participation from all team members. This program will challenge different skills and encourage creative problem-solving.

As with the original “Beat the Box,” teams must work together and collaborate effectively to piece together all the clues and discover the correct abort code. This emphasizes the importance of teamwork in achieving success. Beat the Box Rescue Santa is an ideal choice to infuse your Xmas party, meeting, or event with a fun and interactive team bonding activity. It provides a unique opportunity for your team to strengthen their relationships while enjoying the festive spirit.

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