Boom Time Team Building - Cambodia


Participants in the Boom Time team development program collaborate to produce music with boomwhackers. The end result is usually quite satisfying. Boomwhackers are plastic tubes of varying lengths that are hollow, color-coded, and lightweight. Based on their length, boomwhackers are tuned to particular musical frequencies.

Participants at the conference are given Boomwhackers, and they follow a visual interface that directs them through the process of generating collaborative music. The end product is an exciting symphony of noises. The musical notes are produced by the participants by striking their tubes in time with the color-coded blocks that are displayed on the huge screen that is part of the visual interface. As the program continues, the speed at which it moves and the intricacy of the challenges get increasingly difficult. Blocks advance at a quicker pace, and teams reply with a greater level of vigor in order to maintain the rhythm and build up to an explosive crescendo.

Boom Time Team Building - Cambodia
Boom Time Team Building – Cambodia

Learning Outcomes

When used at conferences, the Boom Time activity is a novel method of breaking the ice and serving as an energizer because it encourages group collaboration through the production of high-octane music. This contagious game will turn any conference room into a vibrant orchestra, full of color and enthusiasm, which will captivate and energize everyone who participates. During conferences, Boom Time has had extraordinary success all around the world in terms of igniting a sense of team spirit and promoting cohesion among individuals on different teams.

This activity for forming teams encourages open communication and cooperation by mandating the full and active engagement of every participant as well as their close working relationship with one another. People may enjoy themselves, lower their stress levels, and have a good time with their coworkers by participating in this activity, which is an excellent way to unwind.

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